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OWR was created with the agent in mind. Below are our membership plans. SIGN UP TODAY!

At OWR, we have a compensation plan like no other. Not only do our agents keep 100% of their commission, including rentals and BPOs, but we also have low monthly membership fees, low transaction fees, NO HIDDEN FEES, and we offer the opportunity to earn a direct income doing BPO's. With our Agent Appreciation Program, our agents also receive gifts from us for their closings.

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  • I felt I had to write to you to inform you of my feelings regarding my move to Only Way Realty 2 months ago. As you know, my previous Broker was expecting me to do all the work, including paying for my own advertising, flyers, travel, telephone and office costs, while I was paying him, 20% of my earnings, for very little back up in return. There were some days when I could not reach him on the telephone for any guidance I may have required and I began to wonder...“why am I paying someone else for working on my own and by myself?” That was when I read your e-mail, it turned out to be very fortuitous timing on both our parts.
    Since beginning to work with you and your organization, I still work for myself, but never by myself. Both you and the office staff respond to either e-mails or phone calls from me with commendable speed. I have had 3 listings and 2 closings, both of which, Heidi, in the closing department, has helped me tremendously, with faxes and phone calls I was unable to make, as I was out of State at the time. With her assistance, it has helped me to focus purely on my clients, which in turn makes them feel special..which indeed they are, as in the current economic climate, good clients are hard to come by and we must do our part to enable them to feel comfortable in their choice of Realtor, as repeat and referral business are the lifeblood of Real Estate as you are well aware.
    Although I still do the majority of the work, I am receiving 100% of the Commission, and therefore I am being well compensated for my work, so what is there not to like? Any time I have needed input from you, there has never been any issues so far, that you have not been able to deal with, or offer sound advice on, and that only adds to my confidence in Only Way Realty and it’s business practices.
    I look forward to a long and happy relationship between you and I, not only on a business level, but also a personal level, as I am confident I have made the right choice in opening an office here in Ocala for Only Way Realty because if we are doing this level of business in tough times, imagine what lies ahead for us both when the Real Estate Market improves!
    – Michael J Hunter
    Sales Director
  • My first experience with OWR was very exciting, leaving a company I had been with for nearly 15 years was a hard decision, but I knew it was the right one after my first closing with OWR. Since my move I have put four homes under contract and realize the money I will save is huge. The company I worked for so many years before was great in a good economy, but now there concept no longer works, and my former broker changed to a 70/30 commission split and I just could not do that. Therefore, months earilier I had received an email from Linda about OWR and there concept. I called her found out all of the details and thought "this is the new way of selling Real Estate". This concept will work in a good or bad economy with minimal monthly fees and only a $250.00 transaction fee, wow. So after speaking with my family and friends, they all thought what are you waiting for, so I made the change and I have saved over $3000.00 in my first closing. I have always worked from my home and generated my own business there was no reason to continue paying high fees for things I was not using. I truly feel this is, and will be, the only way real estate agents sell now and in the future.
    – Robin Whitener
  • "This brokerage provides the perfect combination of support and independence. For me it's the Only Way to do business."
    – Anthony Williams
  • “I closed my first sale with Only Way Realty for $650,000. My old broker took 40% of commissions, so I put an extra $6,500 in my pocket on this transaction alone. This is the Only Way to sell real estate!”
    – Anthony Williams
  • While other real estate agents are paying 20% to their Broker’s or more, I paid $250 to Only Way Realty and pocketed my $49,749.95 listing/selling commission.

    Only Way Realty is a fantastic way to maximum your earnings. The staff is helpful and expedient. It is truly a great organization to hang your shingle!
    – Sally Schultz
    Real Estate and Developer Consultant
  • I was approached with the Only Way Realty opportunity 3 months prior to actually making the change. My hesitation had nothing to do with the Only Way opportunity as much as it was my loyalty to both my friend and Broker. At first it's hard to change brokers when you're comfortable where you're at, but after you receive your 1st check and you realize you just saved yourself SO much money you know you made the right decision. All you think now is how you should have done it earlier. Thanks OWR!
    – Amber
    Sales Executive
  • I shopped around for a broker because I knew what I was looking for. I wanted to bring in my own leads, work from home, and make a lot of money. After meeting with other brokers that planned on taking 50% of my commission on a lead that I BROUGHT IN when I did all the work, I got discouraged. When I first saw the ad for Only Way Realty I thought it sounds to good to be true. I met with Richard David and IT IS THE REAL DEAL. I signed up that instant--anxious to get out there and make some money! All of the company promises are there in front of you in black and white signed by you and the owner/CEO and notarized. As a new agent, Richard has guided me every step of the way to from writing my first contract to making sure I get paid from the title company. Shortly after joining Only Way Realty I made my first sale making $5000 in commission!!! Any other broker I would have been giving them AT LEAST $1000-2500 of that money I EARNED. When I see $1000-$2500, I see a new plasma tv, money towards a new car, a nice purse, etc etc. I am nice and all but when it comes to giving away my hard earned money I had to draw the line. Richard David drew the line, all you need to do is sign it on your membership contract.
    – Sara
    Sales Associate